SpacePole Tablet Mount

SpacePole SafeGuard X-Frame tablet mount with desktop stand (iPad 2/3/4)

Ergonomic Solution's X-Frame broadens the overall scope of technology mounts for tablets, in effect enabling an ability to service all customer tablet requirements with this highly flexible design.  It combines Ergonomic Solution's traditional retail focus & knowledge with a new aesthetic design to meet the growing demands and use of tablet technology.

With so many variations on applications and types of device, mounting options are more diverse than ever, requiring flexibility and style whilst ensuring security. X-Frame is the ideal solution for the most comprehensive range of Android™, iOS™ and Windows® based tablets.
Such is the flexibility of the design; X-frame with its patented DuraTilt™ in-built tilting mechanism can be easily adapted for any new tablets brought to market. In short, if there is a new tablet, then there is a new X-Frame – within 10 days!

Security is important. Tablets are high value and highly sought after. ClickSafe options are available for applications requiring hand-held or mobile operation. Ergonomic Solutions understand technolo¬gy and technology integration and we also understand the physical security require¬ments of these valuable assets.

X-Frame is a lightweight, easy to handle, low profile solution that keeps the essential buzz of using a tablet whilst offering a secure mount with a range of options depending upon the requirements of the application.