Desktop read/write station

Compact and practical – The new GAT NET.Writer 7000 – network-compatible, elegant and not dependent on an operating system. The new GAT NET.Writer 7000 desktop reader by GANTNER features a range of technical advancements that make usage more multifaceted for our software partners. The network-compatible GAT NET.Writer 7000 has a TCP/IP interface for control and configuration purposes as well as remote servicing (e.g. for software updates). The interface also means that the reader is cloud-compatible. As such, it no longer has to be installed in close proximity to a PC. Another key feature is the USB interface, which facilitates simple keyboard emulation.Integration work is kept to a minimum thanks to the tools made available by GANTNER and the object-oriented JSON interface.As is standard at GANTNER, the new GAT NET Writer 7000 desktop reader can be used in conjunction with various technologies.