Access control terminal with fingerprint identification

When the optional biometric fingerprint sensor is added to the GAT Access 6100 you now have full verification that the person carrying the credential is indeed the person it was issued to. With GANTNER’s biometric data on credential option, verification occurs within a second and identification swapping is eliminated.

An access control terminal that protects operators and members from misuse of personal RFID Membership cards. The member’s fingerprints are saved on their personal RFID Membership card for use as dual form authentication, protecting their privacy and their membership cards from misuse. This feature protects the club operator against sharing of membership cards and the ever escalating costs of labor by reducing staffing needs at check-in. The GANTNER biometric access control system is part of the Gantner RFID System Solution, which helps simplify operations, reduce costs and increase profits for clubs.

When integrated with your club management software, the GANTNER biometric verification solution effectively ensures only paying members gain access. Unlike conventional readers, this solutions is a completely unique combination of NFC and biometric technologies. Features include: offline functionality during a network failure, a back-up method for members with an unreadable fingerprint, and quick and reliable control of third-party turnstiles or doors.

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