Access Control Bundle #2

This amazing technology allows access to your club or spa in a number of ways. With Access Control Bundle #2 you can allow your clients to check in with fingerprint technology, wristbands, key cards, or a FOB. 

Bundle #2 Includes
Desktop Read and Write Station
This multi-purpose desktop station has both a read and write function allowing you to issue cards and wristbands to your clients as well as check them in.
Fingerprint Enrollment Station
This desktop station reads fingerprint scans when you are enrolling your customers into the Access Control fingerprint check-in system.
Check-In Terminal
Designed for entry control, this terminal has a fullty integrated contactles MIFARE reader and an easy to read monochrome display.
Fingerprint Reader for Check-In Terminal
This device is for use with the Check-In Terminal. Also includes a wall mounting.
Direct Connect MBO Adapter
This amazing nugget of technology makes all the magic happen by connecting the Access Control devices with your MINDBODY software.
One-Time Installation and Support
Never fear! We are here to make implementing Access Control smooth like peanut butter. We'll assist in mounting your devices, programming the FID/Site Key, languages, and emergency modes in your system.