Case Studies

Intro to our client Gymnation : 

We are Loren and Frank and we are pleased to introduce you to GYMNATION. It is our strong belief that health and fitness should be affordable and accessible for everyone. At GYMNATION we hope to achieve this goal through providing gym memberships starting from AED 99 per month and a state of the art facility which is welcoming for everyone, from the first-time gym users through to the most dedicated of athletes.

Signatures of Loren Holland and Frank Afeaki

Scope of work :

Full Gantner Access Control Biometric & RFID card solution and middleware software development for a new Health Club in Dubai

Responses and comments below from GYMNATION's owner &Operator : Loren Holland

Date of Install : May 2018

What were you using before this product/service? Nothing, this is our first club in Dubai but we wanted to put in place a system and products which were capable of managing a high volume of members and would be scalable as we look to open more gyms and embark on a roll out

Summarize three points of frustration you faced.

    1. Understanding the options for single or dual authentication (i.e. can we use biometric only)
    2. Integrating the hardware with our CRM system 
    3. Finally, the real challenge of how we integrate our payment gateway data with our CRM/entry gate

What was the big ah-ha moment when you decided you needed to try something new? Our pre sell went far better than expected (approx. 5000 members) and we immediately realized we needed a robust and secure entry system to help reduce the burden on reception staff and to ensure members could easily and securely gain access to the gym 24/7.

What were the top reasons you selected HealthPOS's product & service offering?

The Ganter products referenced very well in the market and there was an existing partnership with our CRM provider. HealthPOS were also recommended to us via our software provider and it was immediately apparent that Wayne and Nathan had an indepth knowledge of the issues and solutions we faced and could support us in all aspects of our requirements – from hardware selection to software development.

GYMNATIONS experience using HealthPOS's product or service offering:
Gymantion results with HealthPOS.