Promotional Cards

Promo cards increase revenue by attracting and rewarding customers.

Customers generally spend more than the value of the promotion, which is why companies large and small invest in promo cards for their business. It keeps your customers coming in again and again, if it is that good they will share it with others too.

Everyone loves a good promotion!

How many times have you gone back into your favorite store because they mailed you a $5 promo card, or dropped one in your bag on your last purchase for $30 off a $50 purchase. If they work on you, they are bound to work on your customers too!

The best Promotional Products ever!

Promo cards are a no brainier in any business, as with technology now people love to message and tweet others when they get something awesome.Word of mouth referrals are gold, promo cards also get your customers back in your doors quicker and more consistently.

Die Cut Promo Cards

Show off your business and what you do best! A unique shape makes your cards that much more exciting, We'll create a custom shape just for you. Just ask our friendly HealthPOS crew on how to get started today.

Which Promotional Programs are right for your business?

With so many opportunities to reach your clients, we can take our years of experience to help brainstorm the right promotional products and/or promotional program for your business. There are many to choose from Discounts, Rewards, Package Deals, Business Cards, VIP and of course Promotions.

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