Loyalty Cards

Looking to get the most out your customers?

Customer loyalty is essential for all businesses. The world’s biggest businesses have known for some time that one of the most effective ways to retain customers and maximise spend is through plastic loyalty cards.

HealthPOS tailor-make loyalty cards to your branding and specifications with a range of functionality options that can help you market more effectively to your customers. In fact we’ve already helped one extremely large European supermarket chain to market more effectively to their customers.

A Powerful Tool For Growing Your Business

Whether you’re running a shop, a cinema, a gym or health club or other leisure service, getting more business from your existing customers can

significantly boost your profits.Not only can plastic loyalty cards incentivise customers to buy more from you they can also be used to collect data on buying habits, helping you identify sales trends, types of products purchased, frequency of visits etc.

Branded Cards Delivered To Your Specifications

With no minimum quantity required, companies of all sizes can now reap the benefits that big retailers have known about for years. We can supply branded cards that are printed with your customers’ unique details on hard-wearing PVC to maximise the card lifespan and create a high quality product that reflects your brand.

HealthPOS can even help you in the fulfilment and mailing of your loyalty cards, minimising your workload and ensuring efficient and timely delivery to your customers.