Access Control Cards - RFID

With our top quality, RFID cards you experience consistent, reliable operations. Customized cards, carried in a wallet, extend a company’s branding. In leisure facilities, cards are ideal for members and visitors who prefer to carry a card over wearing a wristband. RFID cards are a price optimized solution, suitable for many applications and industries. Optional print customizations include full 2 sided, 4 color, edge-to-edge, offset and silk screen printing.

    We create the ultimate photo ID product, with your designs printed on the core of the card for a superior finish and a long lifespan. Each card can be uniquely customised with printed details such as name, job title etc as well as programmed with a wide variety of data to suit usage, including varying levels of clearance and user information.

    Contactless cards – state-of-the-art access control

    Convenient and quick, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) cards – also known as contactless cards – are becoming increasingly popular for use in identification, access control and security. They are not reliant on older scan or swipe technology – they only need to be in close proximity to a reader to register the card’s information. These cards can also be personalised in the core of the card, with information protected underneath PVC laminate.

    Specs : encoded MIFARE® Chipcard - GANTNER proprietary format
    1 KByte

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