February 13, 2019 1 min read

Welcome to the world of Smart lockers. With everyday use of technology being the norm, more affordable and more integrated than ever before into modern workplaces, we’re seeing terms like ‘smart home’ and ‘intelligent living spaces’ more and more so what does it mean for Smart lockers and the benefits it can bring to your organisation?


In today’s modern office, smart storage plays an essential role. Employees need smart and easy-to-use lockers, while locker system managers require a flexible and easy-to-manage solution. Valued across the globe by our clients large and small, our HUBLOCK locking systems can use pre-existing staff ID cards,wristbands,key fobs, smartphones as locker keys. We are the market’s proven most powerful solution to comprehensively and securely manage various storage systems – staff lockers, office furniture, mailboxes, bike storage, safe boxes and more.


Together with our preferred locker manufacturer nottoffice, you have the choice to select your design then add our smart locker system to ensure you achieve convenient, efficient and secure storage.

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