June 03, 2019 2 min read

Businesses will have different needs when it comes to point of sale hardware. Let’s look at some of the most important hardware components for your front desk, let's make it smart together.

  • Interface/device where you register transaction details: Could, for example, be a cash register with buttons, touchscreen PC monitor or mobile device with a POS app such as MINDBODY.
  • Cash drawer: Used to store the daily takings and cash float along with cheques, vouchers, receipts and slips relevant to accounting. Our cash drawers plug directly into the printer, we recommend mounting our cash drawers beneath your desk :

  • Receipt printer: Used to print receipts for customers or end-of-day reports, for cashing up we recommend the Star Micronics TSP 143, these ship in black and white and connect via USB including connections with iPads and Android tablets.

  • Barcode scanner: Typically used in retail environments with many different products. Commonly linked with the POS system’s stock level counts so it automatically updates product counts according to items sold.

  • Card machine: Used to process payments made by debit or credit cards or mobile wallets via NFC. Traditional card machines require software installation (if not included) and SIM card or landline cable, while app-based card readers use WiFi or network data from a connected mobile device.
  • Network devices: Whether you’re relying on a cloud-based or on-premise system, you’re likely to need a network setup for an internet connection or to link up your computer system on the premises. This could be e.g. a router, modem or hub connecting several local computers.

Different points of sale

The hardware and software that’s best depending on your business needs. You may, for example, not need a cash drawer if the majority of sales are through card. Or maybe you need a portable system that works in a marketplace as well as inside. 

The Good News :

We offer both remote and onsite setup. Our sales team are able to help with your purchasing decision via phone, e-mail or live chat : www.healthpos.com


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