May 09, 2019 1 min read

BRIJPAY middleware - connects your payment providers software  to your membership management software. To put it simply we have built some code that enables data to pull across from two data sources and have connected the two sources with BRIJPAY.

In case you’re wondering, so where is the value?

Gone will be the days of manually reconciling all your transactions. According to our clients we have saved them two full business days per month and have avoided extra hiring costs thanks to BRIJPAY.

So how does it work? Each transaction that is recorded in your payments software will be carried across to your membership software automatically.

Success stories - we have successfully onboarded both clients and payments software providers in the UAE and Africa. 

Our pricing is based on a fixed hosting and admin fee ($50) and the number of monthly transactions as follows : 

5000 transactions @ 0.10p

5000 - 7500 transactions @ 0.5p

7500 - 10000 transactions @ 0.025p

The sign up process will be done online so stay tuned .

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