January 07, 2020 1 min read

Is your company's membership rewards program floundering or flourishing OR maybe you don't even have one yet?

By offering clients an incentive to use your product or service, they are more likely to continue to come to you and even send people your way with the good old word of mouth referral?

When you start putting together your membership program you will need to think about a few different things:

  • How will you advertise your membership rewards program?
  • Will you offer a tiered program with different reward categories?
  • How will clients accrue points in your program?
  • What will your membership rewards cards look like?

Why does a membership card design matter?

The card design will not only draw people's attention but will encourage them to actually keep the card with them! Wallets and purses get filled with receipts, appointment cards, and various membership cards. What makes your card unique enough that people will actually want to carry it around with them?

Are you being BOLD enough? Is our design memorable like some of the work we have done for our clients below? 

Don't delay, we are offering free artwork design for Valentine's month worth £50 with unlimited revisions!


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